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    Return of the Dark Goddess, Pandora

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    Return of the Dark Goddess, Pandora

    Post by Pandora on Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:05 pm

    The Return of Pandora

    A deadly wind blew quickly through the grey wasteland, uplifting a faded red kimono. In the distance a few large snake demons could be seen eating their latest prey. The woman in the Faded red kimono walked even closer until she stood right in front of the three massive snake creatures. They tore apart the limbs of the great beast they had hunted together which made blood shower the woman. The snake demons paid no attention to the smiling woman who thought it was pleasurable to get so much blood on herself. "..Ahhh.. This blood feels so good!" The woman licked the ruby blood from her face while making an even bigger smile.

    The woman watched as the Snake Demons finished off every last inch of the beast until the bones shown. The snakes then turned around to see what the woman who observed them tasted like. They got ready to attack, Slithering only meters away and that's when they noticed who it was. "P-P- Mother!" The Snakes all bowed down the the Woman who wore a Silver Demon Mask. "..How did you get out?!" One of the Snakes said while his head rested on the ground. "..My children!.." She poofed from her standing place over to one of the Snakes, Sitting on his head while giggling.

    "..Ohhh! How Ive missed my realm..How long has it been, Children?.." The woman Glared down at her Snake Demon Children waiting for an answer. "..Three Thousand Years, Pandora.." The snakes said all at once, Sounding ashamed. "..Ohhhhh... Three Thousand? Its felt like Five Thousand.. I guess you loose track of time when your sealed away forever.."

    This woman was none other than the Queen Goddess of Darkness and Demons.. Pandora. She had been freed by a Dark Mystic who had gotten his black hands on the Sky Sword: Truth.

    "..Do you realize how long that is?.. Three Thousand Years of Peace in the 7 realms?.. Disgusting.. It makes your mother Sick!" Pandora floated down to the grey ground and pulled out her Black katana. "..Mother! We would have done something but we are only Simple Snake Demons!.." The snakes all said at once in their native Demon Language. "..I know.. you would have died trying to get the Sword like many Demons have. I dont blame you Snakes. I Blame Squishy! That Little bastard could have Saved me!!!!!!!" Pandora's darkness surrounded the area while she went into a rage. From the Darkness small Shadow demons and Obsidian Butterflies emerged and gathered around Pandora in an army like fashion.

    "..After Three Thousand years Im going to Reclaim my throne.. Come, We shall go to Twilight City as a family.. Lets pay Uncle Squishy a visit, shall we?" Pandora snapped her fingers Appearing on one of the snakes heads once more to charge onwards to Twilight city. Everything behind her was covered in 300 meter high darkness which engulfed the wasteland and spread around like wildfire. The darkness gave birth to new demons and Obsidian butterflies.


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