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    Pandora Empty Pandora

    Post by Pandora on Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:48 pm

    Name: Pandora
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual.

    Language: Common, Demon, Elven, Fae, Astral, Elemental and God.

    Race: Silver Demon

    Race Passives:

    • Passive: Able To speak to the elements. (Elemental Language)
    • Passive: Deals double damage against holy and Light element souls.

    God/Goddess: Pandora(Worships herself.)

    God/Goddess Passives:

    • Passive Bonus: Able to Vanish and Appear with a Poof of Smoky Darkness. When Vanishing they are able to go up to 15 meters away(Teleportation).  

    Home World: Valley of Darkness
    Occupation: Goddess of Darkness & Demons

    Unique Features: Silver Horns and Mask.

    Pandora's Appearance:

    Pandora HWrqKIg

    Hair Color: Smoke Black
    Eye Color: Red-Blue-Black-
    Skin Tone: Pale.
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: Weightless.

    Tattoo: Obsidian Butterfly
    Obsidian Butterfly:

    Pandora ARiehcg

    Personality: Pandora is a Dark, Beautiful, and Mysterious Goddess who loves to tempt others with Blood Rubies and Curses. She has a wicked personality that is both enchanting and cruel, yet majestic in nature. She is the type of being that loves to observe people from the shadows and tempt them in the right moments of time so she can get the best result from that person. Her absolute favorite thing is to watch wars begin and end from a distance as well as big fights that cause mass amounts of destruction.

    It boils her blood when souls are watched over by Xi, The God of Light and Creation which makes her hate grow stronger for the light; It also makes her very angry when any Light God gets in her way and messes up her business with mortals. Pandora loves to cover the 7 realms in Darkness and Demons just to watch how people will react. She is a sly Goddess and a Tricky Mistress who uses anything and everything to her advantage which includes her incredible dark beauty.

    Despite what the world says about Pandora and her intense Evil, She is really a playful and Giggly Goddess with a hint of goodness-- Nah, I'm kidding, There is no goodness within Pandora's Dark Heart. Pandora's Signature symbol is the Obsidian Butterfly which can be seen all over the 7 realms where ever darkness flows.


    • Demons & Dark Souls
    • Dark Gods
    • Corrupting Souls


    • Angels and beings of light.
    • The Sky Sword: Truth.
    • The God of Light and Creation.


    • To Take over all the Realms.
    • To find a worthy follower that will free her from the Seal.
    • To corrupt as many souls as possible with Darkness.


    • Xi, The God of Light and Creation.
    • The Sky Sword: Truth.
    • Being sealed away for long periods of time.

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    Pandora Empty Re: Pandora

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