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    Character Application: Amaterasu, Goddess Of Technology


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    Character Application: Amaterasu, Goddess Of Technology

    Post by Amaterasu on Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:02 pm

    Name: Amaterasu
    Age: Ageless. Appears to be in her twenties.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Language: Mechanical, Common, Orc and Goblin {Due to her being a Goddess in Land of Fire, she understands all languages in her realm.} Also due to being a goddess, she speaks the God Language as well.
    Race: Cyborg
    Race Passives:

    Passive: Able to have Badass hardware built into them - Upgrades.
    Passive: Is able to Understand the Language of Machines.

    God/Goddess Amaterasu  
    God/Goddess Passives:

    Passive Bonus: Followers of the Goddess of Technology are able to gain 25% more experience for their actions.

    Home World: Land of Fire
    Occupation: Goddess of Technology

    Unique Features: Mechanic arm and cybernetic enhanced chest. 
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Peach
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 146 lbs
    Tattoo: None.


    Amaterasu is curious goddess by nature. Wanting to know about the mechanics of the world around her, what makes something tick as morals like to say. Amaterasu is commonly seen tinkering on something whether its a new weapon system, the kitchen sink or her own body, she constantly strives to bring out the best in something and won't settle for anything less. This has lead her to be label as a perfectionist. She wouldn't deny or accept that claim, she will just let others figure it out for themselves.

    Amaterasu is good(Godly) with their hands and often mechanical. She is typically attracted to hands-on hobbies like metal working or crafts. Yes she is a hand-on cyborg.  Due her connection with technology she has an unbelievable understanding of machines and a remarkable ability to fix things. Or if need to break things as well. The best way to connect to this Queen Goddess is do an activity with her. Or helping her to solve a problem. If you want to reel her in, never bring up the subject of Blood Rubies. Amaterasu hates those cursed jewels with a passion and she dislikes anyone trying to seek them for power. She knows the dark power they contain and how easily they can corrupt someone.  Amaterasu will do everything in her power to kept any of her followers from using a Blood Ruby. She will not idiy stand by and watch her followers fall to the dark side. Despite her hands-on nature when comes to her followers she tends to just watch over them and doesn't meddle around with them too much, unless she has to or if she curious about the follower or followers. She does try to answer the prays of her followers if she can.

    When in battle, Amaterasu she tends to analyze and assess the battle constantly as she strives to maintain adaptability in the heat of battle. She is generally clam on the battlefield but she is known to have emotional outbursts.    


    - Cyborg and Dwarven Races

    - Shiny things

    - Lock - God of the Forge

    - Giving living beings mechanical upgrades.
    - Metals

    - Her motto: "Amaterasu-Made"


    - Magic and Nature.

    - Rust.

    - Old Beings who don't understand how gadgets works.

    - Those who hate technology.  

    - Being call flat-chested.

    - Birds (Unless their robot birds.)

    - Blood Rubies (She has an extreme dislike for them)

    - To protect the Land of Fire and her followers. (Can't be a Queen Goddess without any domain or beings to rule over)

    - To find a soul mate (What a Queen without a King or Queen by her side? Even a Goddess needs champion that isn't Amaterasu made.)

    - To bring the world into a new era rule by technology (  

    - To rid the world of Blood Rubies. Or at least keep them out of the Land of Fire.

    - Being seduced, tempted or trick to join the Dark God/Goddess.

    - Becoming an outdated Goddess and/or losing her Goddess Status.

    - A World without Technology.

    - Losing her Cybernetic side and Technology Edge.

    - Pandora being released from her seal.

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    Re: Character Application: Amaterasu, Goddess Of Technology

    Post by Amaterasu on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:49 am

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    Re: Character Application: Amaterasu, Goddess Of Technology

    Post by Pandora on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:52 am


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    Re: Character Application: Amaterasu, Goddess Of Technology

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