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    Reckless Mass Destruction(Open to All)


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    Reckless Mass Destruction(Open to All) Empty Reckless Mass Destruction(Open to All)

    Post by Kirahunter on Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:07 am

    A tall man could be found in the Emerald Forest sleeping on the branch of a large tree. The tree was several hundred feet tall but the man in the yellow suit seemed perfectly content on one of the low branches. He would be in peaceful slumber until a loud booming sound filled the area, irate and awake he sat up and looked around. All around the towering trees of the forest seemed undisturbed, that was until Amo noticed a red glow emitting from the ground below him. He jumped off his tree branch and turned around mid-air to look under the large branch he had been camped down on. To his mild surprise he saw a glowing red portal hovering just over the ground.

    With nothing more then a thought a beam of light shot from just in front of Amo down to a shining point just above the ground. In a flash of light Amo was gone from the air and now stood upon the ground facing the portal from a few meters away. He slipped his hands in his pockets to await the arrival of whatever was coming. The light mage wasn't entirely sure what he thought of the portal yet but made note that he would likely handle whatever came out with extreme prejudice.

    So he would as a band of bulky green figures emerged from the portal. Orcs, five in total one being substantially larger then the rest. In the common tongue Amo said "Oh Orks. What a strange thing to find in the emerald forest. I didn't even know you race was capable of magic strong enough to create a portal here and I can feel none of you have any magic at all. I wonder how you got here?" The large orc roared and flipped Amo off "Well at least I know what you are here for." He drew his left hand from his pocket as the orcs charged him. Amo held his hand up in front of him as if to flick them but upon closer inspection a person could see that there was a pebble resting on Amo's thumb, this would be a nasty flick. "Light bullet." A shining point like a tiny star appeared on Amo's finger and another appeared just in front of the charging orcs.


    The pebble crashed into the first oak with a resounding explosion of sound and force. The savage was knocked off it's feet and sent flying into it's comrades. So down fell the wild orc barbarians at the feet of Amo Magitama. Well they weren't taken out exactly but they were certainly knocked on their respective asses and Amo was far from done punishing the criminals.

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