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    Alessia Totorri (finished)

    Lunar Cataphract
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    Alessia Totorri (finished) Empty Alessia Totorri (finished)

    Post by Lunar Cataphract on Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:05 am

    Name: Alessia Totorri
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Language: Common and demon.

    Race: Demon

    God/Goddess: N/A
    Soul colour: Silver
    Pet name: Embryo. Two HP, two attack and one defense.

    Home World: Valley of Darkness.
    Occupation: Assassin and thief for hire.
    Unique Features: Her bright red eyes, oh and the fact her hair is shadows given physical form.
    Alessia Totorri (finished) 1365473456935_zps411a5317Alyssia is a human being that is true, yet her appearance is not what you'd call the norm, and so she has many things about her that are far from what you'd call "average" For starters her eyes are naturally red, and seem to have a rather evil look to them, which makes sense when you consider Alyssia is a murderer and thief for a living. That's about the last of the non-average traits regrading Alyssia's face. Alyssia's lips may be an un-natural colour, but that's because she uses lip stick to make them that colour, and apart from that she has black neck length hair.  

    Alyssia's a pure tomboy, and apart from her enjoyment of blue lipstick she doesn't look feminine in the slightest, hell if her breasts where a lot smaller and she didn't use make up, Alyssia could easily pass as a boy. Anyway, due to the fact a lot of Alyssia's work requires fighting and other physical activities, she has worked out and developed her body to be at peak physical condition. As a result of this Alyssia's body, if one was to ever see her without the majority of her clothes, would see hardened muscle, but not to the level of a body builder. To make it simple, Alyssia has more than an average amount of muscle, noticeably so but not too much to make her unattractive.

    Alyssia has three types of clothing she wears, two are suits of armour designed with different purposes in mind, and the third is her casual clothes. The first suit of armour is Alyssia's bone like armour, the one you see her wearing in the above picture, except it comes with this helmet. The next is her stealth armour, a black and light metallic suit designed to ber maneuverable and light weight, which come with a hood and mask for obscuring her features. Lastly you have Alyssia's general clothing, and it's about as average as any kind of clothing, consisting of short sleeved shirts, black leather jackets and dark coloured denim jeans. The jacket and of Alyssia's clothes may be black, but her numerous T-shirts are a wide range of colours, ranging from one end of the colour spectrum all the way to the other.
    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Purple

    Skin Tone: White

    Height: Five feet and a half.

    Weight: 80 KG

    Tattoo: N/A
    The best starting point with Alyssia's personality would be how being an assassin and thief has caused her to develop, it is the one thing she does that affects every aspect of her life after all. To murder and kill for a living one requires a certain lack of morals and Alyssia is no different, if you pay her she'd kill anyone, children, the elderly, anyone. This lack of concern for life also extends to Alyssia's work as a thief, as she'd still anything for the right price. There is little else to talk about in regard to Alyssia's morals, so just know she has little problems doing dirty work.

    This lack of morals isn't the only aspect of Alyssia's personality, she is after all a living thinking creature, and as such has more than one aspect to her personality. Alyssia's sense of faith is rather different than the average person's. She knows that gods exist and admits that, but she does not believe them. Alyssia is the type of female who believes in the potential of people and creatures, the ability to learn, grow and evolve, that is what she puts her faith in, and it's the main reason for her self confidence. As a result of her own faith, Alyssia doesn't partake in any religious or spiritual ceremonies or customs, however she views aspects of her life in a spiritual manner that a person normally wouldn't.

    Moving onto how Alyssia actually behaves and acts, there are many words one could use to describe Alyssia: Smart, flirtatious, sly, a liar, confident and numerous other words, there are far too many to count. Let's go into more detail about the key aspects of Alyssia's personality. For starters she is a very smart and quick witted, as well as a very resourceful person, able to squeeze a lot of value out of things. Despite being a murder and thief, Alyssia is actually quite a charming woman, she's friendly and polite, as well as a very lovely woman to spend time with.

    Another aspect about Alyssia is her forward and headstrong nature. It's very hard to intimidate her or scare Alyssia away from doing things, of course the rare times Alyssia is actually scared or worried about doing something, then you yourself should probably be even more afraid. Alyssia's headstrong and forwardness make themselves known in many ways, such as if she sees some she finds cute, she will go right up to them and hug them, or if she sees a lovely expensive item she wants, then she will take as soon as possible. Due to her headstrong nature if you get on Alyssia's bad side you'll know.

    Alyssia's a born liar and a flirt, she can tell even the most brazen of lies without giving it away and the scary part is, nobody has ever been able to tell she's lying, unless of course she doesn't bother to hide the fact she's lying but that's a rare thing. As for Alyssia's flirtatious nature she uses everything at her disposal when it comes to flirting, her looks, personality, money, anything, in order to get someone to fall for her. Of course she doesn't need any of that, as Alyssia's been able to charm her way onto many people's good sides. If she was ballroom dancing, Alyssia would bend her partner down to the ground and use that as a chance to flirt.

    Likes: Money, sweets, chocolate, swimming and anything she deems cute.
    Dislikes: Being poor, being viewed as weak, gods, foolish people who refuse to solve there own problems and go "this god or goddess will solve all my problems!!!"
    Motivations: Making money, surviving and being the best in her fields of work.
    Fears: Bats mainly...of course there are other things, dying is one of them and so is getting arrested for her crimes.

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