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    The Wandering Soul


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    Post by Kaseki on Fri Sep 05, 2014 8:15 pm

    "Great King God!" cried out a voice. The crowd chanted and called out. "Please don't hurt us!" cried a child. The villagers screamed, yelled together. They were a mixed basket of sounds. "Great lord... Please, give us warmth once more!" cried an elder man.

    The hooded man stood on a block of ice. His back was turned to the sounds of the world. Before him was the edge of a dark and deep hole. He would just have to jump to end the silence. "You all... It was just a mistake." Kaseki never meant to kill those gods. All he did was trip over a stone, and his sword was sent flying. It was a one-in-an-infinity chance that it would pierce three gods and kill them instantly. Kaseki lifted his foot over the edge. He held it there, feeling the rush.

    "Great Kaseki..." said a weak voice.

    Kaseki heard it. It was so quiet, so silent... Why did it stand out? "Master Kaseki... Please..." it said. It was nothing more than a small girl. But her voice... her words.. were different. She did not ask for fire, war, or money like the others. She asked not on her behalf, but Kaseki. "Kaseki... we need you."

    Kaseki felt a frozen drop fall from his eye. That faint sound among the loud and thunderous voices did not cry for help... but cried to help.

    "When god created the world he said four words." Kaseki let out a small chuckle.

    "He speaks!"
    "Shut up! Everyone!"
    "Kaseki has words?"
    "Kodai talks..." the crowd said in a mixed voice. Some were drowned out.

    "But here... I am god. So..." Kaseki spun. He faced the crowd. His hood covered his face. He revealed no such hint of what he was. The townsfolk simply knew who was under the cloak. They felt the power of his soul. "I say... LET THERE BE HEAT!" Kaseki reached for the sky with a fist. His right hand flying straight up. In a second was a burst of heat, a fire. The ball ignited the orb that hung on wires across the city. It was the central ball of fire. To the city... it was their personal Sun.

    And Kaseki was the one that held the power to their survival.

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