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    Blood Rubies

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    Blood Rubies Empty Blood Rubies

    Post by Pandora on Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:54 pm

    Blood Rubies

    Blood Rubies are very rare and those who eat them gain great power; However, This power comes at a price. Each blood ruby comes with a curse that will make the eater more Demon like. Some rubies may grant you great intelligence or maybe Physical Strength. Whatever they grant you it will show on your body in a demon like feature. If it grants you the powers of Hearing then your ears may be long and pointed along with you having a pointy tail.


    Blood Rubies are found in Chests that have been long hidden to keep the rubies from getting into the wrong hands or the hands of anyone in general, They can even be given by Pandora herself. Once you obtain a Ruby and choose to eat it you will get the random effects of it.
    another way to gain a Blood Ruby is to reach -25 Alignment which will attract a forever waiting Blood Ruby to your character to be consumed.

    1. Power of smell
    Power: Is able to smell someone they have smelled before up to 30 miles away and track down whoever they smell.
    Curse: Long Demon nose

    2. Power of Speed
    Power: Speed Triples. (10 levels higher than your own level)
    Curse: When running They look like a Dark Entity, When Walking there features change from normal to Demon like.

    3. Power of Shadow
    Power: Able to steal peoples shadows, Same Level or below.
    Curse: At night the body becomes like a shadow.

    4. Power of Strength
    Power:Strength Triples. (10 Levels higher than your own level)
    Curse: The body gets 5 times buffer and bigger, Eyes turn yellow and ears get pointed.

    5. Power of Greed
    Power: Luck is Tripled.
    Curse: Is compelled to steal at least 3 things per day. If they do not steal at least 3 items then they will have the worst lucky possible for 3 days.

    6. Power of Destruction
    Power: The destructive power of the person is Tripled.
    EX: Without the power they would leave a small mark in a wood board, With the power they would destroy and shatter the entire wood board.
    Curse: Most weak things that are touched by the eater are broken. Cups will shatter, Plates will break and Weak weapons are broken in an instant.

    7. Power of Chaos
    Power: Can Make someone go absolutely insane for a total of 4 posts. Can only use it once per thread.
    Curse: Needs to Kill at least 4 things per day in order to not go insane themselves. The Insanity will last forever or until the eater kills 20 things.  

    8. Power of Misery
    Power: When feeding on people's misery your spells gain more power. (EX: If your using a D rank spell it would become a C rank spell as soon as you began to feed. This only works if you continue to feed, As soon as you stop it goes back to normal.)
    Curse: Feeding off peoples misery and feeling the pain of those who you feed off of for the rest of your life, off and on.

    9. Power of Moon
    Power: Able to be a Werewolf and fully control being one except when there is a full moon.
    Curse: Turn into a massive beast whenever the moon is out. You get Fur and large white teeth, You become a Werewolf.

    10. Power of Dreams
    Power: Able to Go into peoples dreams and torment them.
    Curse: Constantly sees Pandora in their dreams. They Have Nightmares constantly.

    11. Power of Fears
    Power: Enables you to Strike Fear into Lower levels than your own.
    Curse: you are cursed to wear a beat up pure black Cloak that has tares and rips through out it. No matter how hard you try you are unable to get rid of the cloak.

    12. Power of Spirit
    Power: Is able to Astral project at will.
    Curse: Binds the Soul of the person to the Valley of Darkness when they die. The soul is able to to be Summoned by Pandora whenever she wishes it.  

    13. Power of Will
    Power: Able to wipe out a single persons will power once per thread.
    Curse: Can hear Pandora's Voice whenever she wishes to speak to you.

    14. Power of Blood
    Power: Gains Strength When drinking blood. (Techniques used will become a rank higher of what they actually are. D becomes C. Ect. for 2 posts after drinking the blood.)
    Curse: Craves Blood from any and every soul. They are Burned and harmed by the sun, Skin turns pale and All the teeth grow to be Razor sharp.. You become a Vampire.

    15. Power of Darklight
    Power: Able to Summon 5 random spirits to aide in battle. Always 1 ranks lower than the Summoner.
    Curse: Turns the person into a Spirit at night time. The spirit wears a demon mask and carries around a strange lantern. They are also cursed never to sleep until they die.

    16. Power of manipulation
    Power: Is able to Manipulate someones Memories. 2 levels lower or below of the Manipulator. The memories return when the manipulator is 50 meters or more away.
    Curse: Eyes turn to a pure white and black tear lines are forever imbedded into the face.

    17. Power of Demon Law
    Power: The eater Is now the Keeper of the Demon's Law. Demons do a Rank lower damage to the eater. If the Technique was D rank its now E Rank.
    Curse: Demon's Law book is always chained onto The wrist. There is no getting rid of it. They are also Powerless against Valley of Darkness Gods.

    18. Power of Blackness
    Power: Is able to turn other peoples skin Pure black where they touched, Permanently
    Curse: Eyes, Fingernails, Toenails, Hair, Teeth, Earwax, and anything else that exits the body is black, sometimes Goopy and Nasty.

    19. Power of Smoke
    Power: Is able to Fly up to 50 meters in the air as a Smoke like entity.
    Curse: Skin turns to a Smoke Shade and Their Fingernails grow a foot long with a black color.

    20. Power of Taste
    Power: By licking someone they know exactly what powers they have.
    Curse: Tongue grows long and slimy. Teeth turn Rotten.

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