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    Post by SquishyBear on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:07 am

    Name: S.K. Hellsing
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight

    Language:  Demon, Astral, Elven, Fae, and God

    Race: Prime Evil

    Race Passives:

    Passive: Able to take Full control of Darkness Element and have characteristics of it.

    Passive: Take One Rank Less damage from other demonic race (Such as Demon, Dark Elven, Imp, ect).
    EX: if they use D rank skill, I will receive E rank skill damage.



    God/Goddess Passives:

    Pandora's Passive: Able to Vanish and Appear with a Poof of Smoky Darkness. When Vanishing they are able to go up to 15 meters away(Teleportation).  

    Passive Gain due to Me being a God as well -

    S.K. Hellsing's Passive: People who have the Dark Body element gains the ability to cause more damage to Light body element beings.

    Ex: I have Have D rank Tech- Against Light Body element foes I would do C rank damage.

    Home World: Valley of Darkness
    Occupation: God of Sin
    Unique Features: Different Eye Color

    Normal Form:

    Squishy Character Rwmlqe

    True God Form:

    Squishy Character Tumblr_static_im_laughing3

    Hair Color: Right - White; Left - Black

    Eye Color: Right - Black, Left - Red

    Skin Tone: White on the right, Black on the left.

    Height: 5' 8"

    Weight: 175 lbs

    Tattoo: Squishy Character 11qkark


    S.K. Hellsing have a form of a bear, however, with two different color to distinguish himself. The white side is the calm and funny side where the black side is the evil side where all he hope is corrupting people's mind. With perfect mix of two distinguishable personality, S.K. Hellsing remorse and at same time feels no emotion when killing his enemies.

    When he turns into his true god form, his personality changes a little. He becomes more calm and observant. He takes time with his opponents. He loves getting the pleasure from the thrill of hunting them down. He loves seeing the hopeless from his opponents eyes as he vanquish their dream, their hope, and their will.

    Other aspects of him include that he is very inauspicious person when it comes to making a friend. Maybe it is his personality or the way he talks or maybe it is the fact that he is a god of sin, not many people want to be friends with him. However, those that doesn't know about him finds him cute, since he is a bear after all.

    He tries best to avoid any ignominy. He is not so keen when it comes to doing any hard labor work. One thing for sure, he is very bipolar. Everything about him is transient. One day he may like things he hated before, then on other day, he may go back to his true self.

    He like to have incessant morning where he get to just drink his milk. If he ever gets bother during this time, well, he won't necessarily kill whoever bothered him during his relax time but he will simply have a bad day. Of course, if the second in command is having a bad day then the entire kingdom is going to have a bad day since, well, who likes seeing other people having all the fun and be happy when you are not.


    1. Darkness
    2. Despair
    3. Sin


    1. Light
    2. Angels
    3. Sky Kingdom


    ~ To corrupt all living being and destroy the Sky Kingdom ~


    Pandora being awoken from her sleep. Since he is the second in command, and the one who is in charge until she wakes up, If she awakes, he will be stepping down as the man in charge.

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    Post by Kaseki on Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:22 pm

    I'm reading nothing at all~~~



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