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    The Legend

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    The Legend

    Post by Pandora on Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:40 pm

    The Legend

    Long Ago in times of war A small group of warriors stood against an opposing army of Demons and the Queen Goddess herself. The small band of warriors held strong against the countless Demons That came at them with full force. The Warriors Hacked, Slashed, Bashed and stabbed their way through the Dark horrors until all that was left was the Silver Demon, Pandora herself. She glared at each Warrior, Observing the glorious charge of the 12 who stood before her. However, Pandora was not a Queen Goddess for nothing; She slaughtered each of them, forcing their God like weapons to fall to the ground. Only one of the twelve Survived the slaughter and challenged Pandora to a one on one match.

    Pandora and the Final Warrior battled with full strength for days on end trying to slay each other. The battle took place on the smooth Arena - like top of Abyssal Mountain in the Valley of Darkness where no one could observe the Battle taking place. On the last day Pandora left her belly open for a strike but in return she had stabbed the young man through his chest with her Black Katana. The lone survivor smiled and used the powers of the sacred Sky Sword: Truth. Pandora was shocked, The sword was thrusted into her belly and the seal of truth was placed around her. The man was a mere human and did not have the power to kill her but he did have all the powers he needed in order to Seal her away.

    As the Sword began to work its magic the Goddess bit down on her hand causing a mass of blood to flow. The blood was gathered at the center of her palm where She formed a massive and glorious jewel Known as The Blood Ruby. As soon as it formed she shot it out into the sky while laughing. "..You may have the power to seal part of me away with this Sword! But you wont be able to stop the chaos of the Rubys!" Pandora smiled as the Ruby Exploded into a million little pieces shooting all over the 7 Realms. She was then sealed into the mountain top in the center of the Sky blue seal. The seal could only be broken by the same sword which created it, The Sky Sword: Truth.

    Even with the goddess sealed away, Those who got hold of The Blood Rubies gained supernatural abilities and Transformed into Demon like creatures who continued to threaten the 7 realms.. But as Time passed and Legends grew to myth the 7 Realms soon forgot about the Blood Rubies and even Pandora herself.  

    It has been 3,000 years since Pandora had been sealed away. The Blood Rubies are either sealed away in sacred chests or have been eaten by random people in hopes of gaining more power. The only ones who really believe in Pandora's Legend are the Guardian's who follow the King God of Light and Creation, Xi. Even though The Queen of the Dark Gods had been sealed there are still plenty of Chaos and other Dark Gods to go around the 7 realms.

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