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    Character Race Information

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    Character Race Information Empty Character Race Information

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    Character Races

    Hello there young soul. Which race do you wish to be in this lifetime? Each race has Passive abilities that can help you along the way to greatness. You will notice that some races are born in different Lands and Kingdoms, These are the home Worlds of the races but you can start where ever you wish.. Choose wisely young one, for whatever you decide will seal your destiny..

    Land of Fire:

    Human: Your average everyday humans. Humans are adaptable and versatile. They tend to be skilled in many areas; A Jack of all trades.
    Language: Common
    Passive: Gains 2 more Languages to speak.(Eleven, Troll, Ect. Add when making your Character)
    Passive: Is able to have Two Occupations.

    Cyborg: Living beings who for one reason or another use cybernetic hardware to improve themselves. Half living and half machine, Cyborgs are one of the most technological advance races there is.    
    Language: Common, Mechanical.
    Passive: Able to have Badass hardware built into them - 2 Upgrades.(Laser, Cannon, Basic Defensive Metals, Ect.)
    Passive: Is able to Understand the Language of Machines.

    Orc: Humanoid creatures who typically have green, gray, black, or brown skin. They tend to be brutish and aggressive in nature. Rumor has it they have a taste of humans.
    Language: Common, Orc
    Passive: If they eat a human they deal double damage for 1 post.
    Passive: When in Orc Villages they are able to recruit 2 other orcs of the same level or below to fight with them.

    Goblin: Similar in size to the Dwarf race. Goblins are usually evil and mischievous little creatures that like to cause trouble where ever they are. They favor using magic and simple weapons like stones, Spears or clubs.
    Language: Common, Goblin
    Passive: When using Fire magic they deal double damage.
    Passive: Able to Detect jewels and other rare items within 5 meters.

    Nation of Wind:

    Elven: Very similar to humans in appearance except for their pointy ears and radiant eyes. Elven Kind are very intelligent and study the magical arts. They are often Peaceful and kind-hearted Seekers of Knowledge.
    Language Common, Elven
    Passive: Gains 1 more Technique for each Rank.
    Passive: Gains 3 more Languages to speak.(Dwarf, Fae, Ect. Add when making your Character)

    Elf: Elves are usually 4-5 Feet Tall and are different from the Elven. They Focus on living in the woods and are usually one with Nature. They are Natural-born hunters, Magnificent archers, And can hide very well within the Tall tree tops or below the ground.
    Language Common, Elven
    Passive: Able to Blend in perfectly with Nature.
    Passive: When Using Bows and Thrown weapons the aim is almost always perfect up to 25 meters away.

    Faery: Faeries are known for their abilities to become 5 inches tall or 5 foot 5 inches tall at will. These creatures often dwell in the Faery lands which are deep below the surface. They are able to fly as high as 50 meters without a second thought. They tend to be Helpful, Shy, And caring creatures.
    Language Common, Fae & Elven
    Passive: Able to Fly at Will up to 50 meters in the air.
    Passive: Able to Stay at 5 inches tall or go up to 5 foot 5 inches at will. (Clothing and equipment Shrinks and grows with them)

    Spriggan: Spriggan are  magical, tree looking creatures that usually dwell in wooden or forest areas. They guard the Nature and any sort of entrance to the Faery Lands.
    Language Common, Spriggan(Nature Based), Elven & Fae.
    Passive: Able to blend in perfectly in Wooded or Forest Areas.
    Passive: Is able to sense the presence of any sort of creature within 30 meters.

    Union of Ice:

    Salamandrians: Lizard humanoids that have always lived at war on the Islands which make the Union of Ice. This is the Main race of the union. These Creatures are usually cold hearted And cruel. They have scaly Skin and yellow or red eyes.
    Language: Common, Salamandrian
    Passive: Takes Half damage from Water or Ice Magic or Skills.
    Passive: Is unable to get Depressed or Confused.

    Skin Walker: Skin walkers are naturally Born with the Divine ability to morph into One chosen animal at will. The animals skin if often seen on them somewhere as a pelt or they keep it hidden until they want to transform. Without the Pelt or Skin they are unable to use this ability.
    Language: Common, Animal
    Passive: Ability to Transform into One Chosen animal at will - If they have their animal pelt with them.
    Passive: Gains the Abilities of the Chosen animal when in human form or animal form. Able to Speak that chosen animal's Language at will.

    Merfolk: Those who have the Ability to swim and live deep under the sea. These men and woman can go on Dry land but it takes time in order to get use to the environment. The Fins and Gills disappear when on dry land making it so they are able to be like a regular human.
    Language: Common, Fish
    Passive: Able to Live and breath under the water.
    Passive: Is able to transform into a human when on land. (Takes 1 post)  

    Glaciesmen: Human's who have Evolved to live and be on the Ice and resist the coldest of regions. The Ice has made their skin a beautiful light blue color which almost looks like a light frost.
    Language: Common
    Passive: Takes Half Damage from Water and Ice Magic and Skills.
    Passive: Ice or Water De buffs do not work on this Race.

    Land of Stone:

    Stone Gnome: Stone Gnomes are a great midget race of storytellers who tend to live underground or in mountains to avoid conflict. There are very few Female Stone Gnomes which make Females royalty among the Gnome Tribes.
    Language: Common, Gnome, Dwarf
    Passive: Gains 2 more Languages to speak.(Eleven, Troll, Ect. Add when making your Character)
    Passive: Able to blend in perfectly with the Stone.

    Dwarven: Short, stocky human like creatures who are generally skilled in crafting, mining, and metalworking. They tend to be the best at forging and repairing equipment Which causes many people to seek them out for their amazing skills.
    Language: Common, Dwarf
    Passive: Is able to Know what the best Equipment is, Is able to find the best material, And can tell which Ore is which.
    Passive: Able to Forge Weak weapons anytime they wish.

    Ogre: Ogres are inhumanly large and 10 - 12 feet tall with unusual colored earthy skin. Infamous for their voracious appetite, strong body, and monstrous appearance. They often live alone within the Swampy areas of the Land of Stone.
    Language: Common, Ogre
    Passive: Able to Wield Giant Mauls, War hammers and other Huge Weapons without any trouble.
    Passive: After they eat a human they deal double damage for 1 post.

    Troll: Trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves. They live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to other races. They are about 8 feet tall with long bodies and Lengthy limbs. Trolls tend to be more fragile than Ogres but they are often a lot trickier.
    Language: Common, Troll
    Passive: Able to blend in while in Dark places.
    Passive: Can learn 1 more language (Dwarf, Eleven, Ect. Add the language when making the Character.)

    Mystic Isle:

    Half-ling: Half-lings are 3 feet tall human looking people. They often have short legs and a longer torso. They live in hills or places that are very secluded and hidden.
    Language: Common
    Passive: Their Presence can be hid from almost anyone they wish.
    Passive: They gain 2 more languages of their choice. (Dwarf, Eleven, Orc, Ect. Add in when Creating a Character)

    Gypsies: A nomadic race of humans who are constantly traveling to different places and exploring all the landscapes they possibly can. They are known as fortune tellers, merchants, and even Assassins.
    Language: Common
    Passive: Able to see a little ways into the future.
    Passive: Learns 3 More languages of their choice. (Dwarf, Elven, Ect. Add in when creating a Character.)

    Mystic Human: Humans who have decided to Train and focus in the ways of magic. These men and women often become Wizards, Witches and Even Sorcerers. They often live in one of the countless Tribes of the Emerald Forest.
    Language: Common, Demon, Angelic
    Passive: Gains 1 more Magic Technique per Rank.
    Passive: Gains 1 more language.(Eleven, Dwarf, Ect. Add when creating a character.)

    Half Animal: A race that is cross between a human and an animal. These Creatures are known for their human like structures and animal Characteristics. They can be half Cat, Half Horse, or even Half Wolf.
    Language: Common, Animal,
    Passive: Has the abilities of the chosen Animal.
    Passive: Is able to walk places or run places 3 times faster than anyone would normally.

    Valley of Darkness:

    Demon: Demons are supernatural, often malevolent beings that are known for their powerful darker magic and trickery. These Beings come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.
    Language: Common, Demon
    Passive: Able to take control of their Main Body element and have characteristics of it.
    Passive: Deals double damage against holy and Light element souls.

    Dark Elven: Dark Elven have light blue to Pale skin and often have Either White or Black Hair. They study the ways of Black magic and live in a place called the Under Dark where massive cities of the Dark Elven dwell. These men and Women have Pointed ears and most of them have red eyes to match their hate.
    Language: Common, Elven, Demon
    Passive: They gain 3 more languages of choice. (Dwarf, Troll, Ect. Add When creating a character.)
    Passive: When using Dark magic they deal more damage. (D rank is C rank, C rank is B rank. Ect.)

    Imp: Imps are Mainly 2-4 feet tall with red toned skin and long pointed tails. They are often mischievous Pranksters who play many tricks for the attention of others. Over all Imps are a lonely race who only want the acceptance of friendship.
    Language: Common, Astral, Demon, Elven.
    Passive: Is able to transport themselves in a POOF of smoke anywhere within a 6 meter radius.
    Passive: Is able to hide quite nicely where ever they are but they cannot hide their energy.

    Pixie: Pixies are generally benign yet, mischievous and have a Short child like stature. They are able to fly just like their Faery Cousins but just not as high.
    Language: Common, Fae, Elven,
    Passive: Able to fly up to 40 meters at will.
    Passive: Are able to hide their wings to look like a regular child like human.

    Sky Kingdom

    Angel: Angels are the Defenders of the Sky kingdom. They have long lush white wings and often have Blond or White Toned hair. These creatures are seen all over the Sky Kingdom as Guardians, Forgers, And even Archers.
    Language: Common, Angelic
    Passive: Able to fly up to 50 meters in the air.
    Passive: Deal Double damage to Demons.

    Deva: Devas have glowing Yellow eyes and Brown colored skin. They take on their Body element characteristics as if they were the certain element mixed with Human features.
    Language: Common, Angelic
    Passive: Able to contact Gods or Goddesses.
    Passive: Able to Transform into Their Body Element for a short period of time. (2 Posts, Cool Down of 4 Posts. )

    Draconian These Dragon like humanoids have tough Skin, Long Tails, Large eyes and are able to shoot out the Elemental Magic of there Body element. They also have sharp teeth made for killing and are often very sneaky both in speeches and Physically.
    Language: Common, Draconian
    Passive: Able to Shoot out their Body element from their mouth. (Once every 2 posts.)
    Passive: Skin is hard and scaly which makes it so it halves the damage of Same level or lower Physical Attacks.

    Sky Being Sky Beings are Humans who have evolved with the Sky and Clouds. They have White Skin, White Hair and even White eyes. They are able to Hover 3 feet off the ground instead of walking and are known to be peaceful Beings.
    Language: Common, Angelic
    Passive: Able to Levitate 3 feet off the ground and hover instead of walking.
    Passive: If they have Light as their main Body Element then they do Double damage to Demons and Darker Creatures.

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