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    Rules/Regulation of the Game

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     Rules/Regulation of the Game Empty Rules/Regulation of the Game

    Post by Admin on Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:04 pm

    Forum and Chatbox Rules

    1. Disobeying the rules listed below will result in a warning, and an eventual ban if sustained.

    2. Harassment to other players in the form of verbal or textual abuse or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated.

    3. Excessive trolling will not be tolerated. This is a mature site, so their may be some foul language, but abusing it and insulting other players is unacceptable.

    4. Attempting to exploit or abuse a system will not be tolerated.

    Account Rules

    1. Your avatar must represent your character. No exceptions.

    2. You can not role-play more than one character on an account. You must create an alt account to play other characters.

    3. You may only have up to 3 accounts. Main and  2 Alts. You are permitted an additional alt under the condition, that your alternates character has been full registered (Character Application and Skill Applications approved)

    Role-Playing Rules

    1. It is necessary that you have sufficient role-playing skills and that your grammar is decent. If a player does not meet these requirements, he or she may risk getting banned from role-playing. Please take note of this before you create your characters and especially before you donate. We strongly reinforce this to have a role-playing environment where every player has the ability to efficiently explain their actions without confusing others and, in turn, ruining their experience.

    2. As mentioned before, this is a mature site, so foul language in role-playing is acceptable, as long as it fits the character and situation. Please also keep sexual actions to a minimum.

    3. Godmodding will not be tolerated, and may result in the deletion of post, and possibly ban from the thread if continued. Godmodding is when a player controls the actions of another player, or a player performs actions that their character should not be capable of considering the situation.

    4. Metagaming will also not be tolerated. Metagaming would be when a player's character has information only because the player himself has such information. For example, if a player A knows player B's character's skill weaknesses from reading their skill application, player A's character must not know this unles player A's character has battled against player B's character. Otherwise, it would be considered metagaming.

    5. Your posts must be sufficiently long. If a player finds your post too short and uninteresting, he/she reserves the right to complain to a mod or an admin. This may result in a warning and an eventual ban from the thread if continued. The post must be at least 65 words.

    6. Plagiarizing from other players/sites will not be tolerated. You must try to be original when creating your characters. Similarities are inevitable, but we will not accept something completely unoriginal and uninteresting.

    7. Players must meet post requirements for their jobs to be approved.

    8. Players may do up to 3 jobs at once. As far as RP goes, there is no restriction on how many RP you can do at once.

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