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    Athena Empty Athena

    Post by Athena on Sun Nov 02, 2014 4:08 pm

    Name: Athena Merrigold
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual but prefers females.
    Language Common, Animal.
    Race: Half Animal: Athena is a half human, half cow. In other terms she is a Minotaur.
    Race Passive(s):
    -As a Minotaur, Athena has incredible strength, even though her size and stature may not show that. She can pick up heavy items with ease. (x2 Strength)
    -As well as being a Minotaur Athena is female, or also known as a heifer. Like are of her sister Minotaurs she produces milk and needs to be milked on a regular basis. Minotaur milk is known to have strange properties when not fed to their young, most commonly it expands breasts and increases their sensitivity due to the engorgement. Athena is a strange case where her milk doesn't expand the breasts. Instead it increases sensitivity of the breasts by quite a substantial amount and is addictive.  
    -Is able to walk places or run places 3 times faster than anyone would normally
    God/Goddess:Bastet, Goddess of Felines
    God/Goddess Passives:
    -Followers are given one automatic revive, or can recover 90% in a single thread (counts as a revive) (1 throughout the Characters lifetime).

    Home World: Mystic Isle
    Occupation: Baker


    Unique Features: Other then the fact that she has cow ears, horns and tails her legs from the knee down are cow like, ended up in hooves at the bottom. Like all female Minotaur she lactates on a regular basis. She has a part of DD breasts, which for her race is considered small and is a touchy subject for her.
    Athena XbZFd7L
    Hair Color: Pink
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Cream
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 130 lbs of muscle
    Tattoo: ---


    Even though Athena is very much a care free person on the surface, she does tend to have a bit of sensitivities. Even though by human standards she is extremely tall, curvy, sporting wide hips and a bouncing pair of DD sized breasts, it is actually a source of insecurity for her. The standard minotaur is usually no smaller then 7 feet tall, nearly a whole foot taller then her.Other females of her race have almost cosmically large breasts by human standards, usually floating around an F cup at the smallest on average. So growing up and even in her currently age she gets teased for her height and size. Her milk also has a slightly different effect then most other minotaurs, and has gotten her into trouble when she wasn't looking for it, as it is addicting. It had lead to some interesting encounters when dealing with some other bulls growing up.

    Yet dispute all of her insecurities Athena loves people. She loves to bake, always had. When she was a kid she would always bake for people, mainly other minotaurs. She did it in hopes that the others of her kind wouldn't tease her so much, but sadly it was true. But her love of baking soon gave birth to an ambition of hers: to have the most popular bakery on the bay. For the most part she did well, but when she opened her own bakery she had trouble getting started. The bay already had a few really good and popular bakeries that shut down almost all other business. The first two years she tried to run her own bakery the failed simply due to the competition. That was until Athena started with a secret ingredient. She started to use small amounts of her own milk. She knew it was addictive so the amount of milk she produced that she put in her products was low. But it was just enough to make her popular enough to become one of the most popular bakeries in the area. Athena is usually kept busy since she runs the shop by herself. Under any normal circumstance she only takes orders if given at least a weeks noticed. Her shop itself pays homage to her goddess, using the goddess' symbol on her door for good luck.
    -Sweets: She loves them so much she makes them for a living.
    -Other people: She is a people person.
    -Cats: She is a cat person.
    -Being told she is small (in multiple senses of the word)
    -Being told her baking sucks: She puts a lot of work into baked goods
    -Seafood: Bad experiences with it, she got really sick the first time she ate it. If there is no other option she will eat it though
    -The meet a lot of people
    -The find her one true love (she has it romanticized in her head)
    -Never finding anyone

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    Post by Kaseki on Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:55 pm

    So what actual race passives have you chosen?


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