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    Kaya Blackthorn


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    Kaya Blackthorn Empty Kaya Blackthorn

    Post by Kaya on Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:56 pm

    Name: Kaya Blackthorn
    Age: 24
    Sexuality: Bisexual, but tends to lean towards other females
    Language Common, Animal
    Race: Half Animal: Wolf
    Passive: Has the abilities of the wolf. Her scenes are 3 times stronger then that or a normal human. She is also stronger then a normal human.
    Passive: Is able to walk places or run places 3 times faster than anyone would normally.
    God/GoddessIron Feather
    Passive Bonus: Able to have 1 more Magic based technique per rank.

    Home World: Mystic Isles
    Occupation: Wandering Mercenary


    Unique Features: Kaya has long reddish-brown hair and cascades down to the small of her back and stands out against her cream colored skin. Instead of human hears she has wolf ears that stand straight up and a long fluffy tail. Kaya has a slim, yet curvy figure. She boasts a plump pair of D cup breasts and a wide waist
    Kaya Blackthorn Fox_girl_01_by_wickedalucard-d3eztmy
    Hair Color: Reddish-Brown
    Eye Color:Emerald Green
    Skin Tone: Cream
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight:120 lbs of pure muscle
    Tattoo: ---


    Kaya is in it only for herself. She lives by the simple motto of: If I want it, I get it. She doesn't care what it is but she will do anything in her power to make sure that by the end of the day it is hers. Because of this she actually has a very small amount of friends as most people don't ever want to deal with her self-serving attitude.

    Kaya works as a mercenary so she can wander around the world. But for every person she helps she hurts the same amount. Which end of the spectrum anyone will be on is determined by her will and can change within the matter of seconds for no apparent reason. If she is out on a job and gets a better offer she will switch her side.

    On top of all of this Kaya has very little knowledge or care for what is acceptable in public. She also has an extremely dirty mind. With out a moment hesitation she will get into someone's personal space, either to intimidate them or to flirt. She has been known to kiss, lick and bite people as well as a bunch of other things for no reason other then she wanted to.

    She does like to party and get in trouble. Mixing the two of facts together means she gets very familiar with authorities. But she holds little respect for authority of any kinda. Heck at one point it became one of her hobbies just to annoy people of royal descent.

    Although despite some of this there are some strange quirks that posses Kaya that she will never likes to talk about. One of those strange quirks is that she loves being tied and bound. Of course she would never admit it out loud it, if she gets caught, she won't fight back while being tied up or bound. For some reason she finds it strangely releasing. She no long has to worry about things, at the point it is all up to the person who tied her up. On occasion people may catch her tying herself up in rope mindlessly. On rare occasion she will tie herself up in a rope harness completely.  

    And despite Kaya's independence, she is fiercely loyal to those she she close to. She can be kind but only to those she is close to.

    -Money: More money means she can have more.
    -Being Bound up: It makes her feel safe and she is strangely calm while bound.
    -Food: She likes food and will almost anything.
    -Authority: She has a problem with authority. No matter how hard she tries she usually ends up fighting with them.
    -Spicy food and vegetables: Remember when I mentioned she will eat almost anything? She can't stand spicy food, not like she exactly because she hates the taste, but rather then  her body can't deal with it. And as for vegetables. She is mostly a carnivore due to her nature.
    -Being Alone: Kaya is part wolf. Wolves are usually in packs and Kaya does long for a pack she could call her own.
    - To fulfill her desires: Kaya only wishes for her to be happy by any means necessary
    -Death: Kaya doesn't want to die.
    -Being alone forever: Kaya does want to be around people. Part of her wolf nature is to be part of a pack.
    -Someone she doesn't scare about discovering her true nature: Her loyalty and kindness should only be known for people Kaya cares about. She would be devastated if anyone else figured out she will act like that.

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