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    Grand Accuser


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    Grand Accuser  Empty Grand Accuser

    Post by Kirahunter on Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:19 am

    Skill Name: Grand Accuser
    Skill Type: Martial Arts
    Skill Information: The Grand Accuser Style of Martial Arts is a kick based martial arts style that specializes in kicks that mimic the properties of weapons with magic. For example a user of this style can make their leg imitate an axe so that their kicks cut their targets.
    Skill Strengths:
    -Unarmed Armory: Even without carrying a weapon by using this style the user is a walking armory.
    -Enhanced Kick Power: Training this style causes kicks done by the user to have substantially increased power.
    -Hand in Hand: Multiple techniques of the grand accuser style can be used at once for combined massive effects. They can also be used with techniques of "Point A to Point B" for additional power.
    Skill Weaknesses:
    -Close Range: These are all kicks, they don't reach that far(despite Amo's height).
    -I need damn good shoes: Unless Amo is equipped with foot wear that protects from recoil damage his feet take minor damage with each kick he uses.
    -What is done is done: Once Amo activates a spell he can not dispel it. So his leg is an axe until he cuts something with it. So should he activate a skill a bit late to the party he is stuck with it for a while also it limits his ability to adapt mid battle.
    -High Cooldowns: Name says all, no cooldown is under 4 posts.

    F Rank Technique Name: String Hell
    F Rank Technique Type: Support, Trap
    F Rank Technique Cooldown: 5 posts
    F Rank Technique Description: Amo activates the spell and mentally chooses a leg. There is no visible effect however when he next kicks an opponent with that leg they will feel themselves be bound by invisible string. They will then be held still for 1 post.(I.E. Amo kicks them with this one post, they get a post, Amo posts, they are free on their next post.)

    F Rank Technique Name: Hammer Hell
    F Rank Technique Type: Offensive
    F Rank Technique Cooldown: 4 posts
    F Rank Technique Description: Amo activates the spell and mentally chooses a leg. There is no visible effect however the next attack from that leg will deal extra blunt damage. It's power is doubled if Amo is above his opponent.

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    Grand Accuser  Empty Re: Grand Accuser

    Post by Bastet on Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:01 pm

    This done? I apologize in advance for the long wait...

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