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    The Visit (Private, Bast)

    St. Valentine
    St. Valentine

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    The Visit (Private, Bast) Empty The Visit (Private, Bast)

    Post by St. Valentine on Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:42 pm

    It was hard being the only devoted priest in the temple of a goddess..most days you would be the only one doing anything, while the rest were out doing things that interested them, rather than things that were in the interest of her goddess. However, for those that remained Devout, like Acatha, there were great rewards...she had heard from the highest member of their clergy that bastet, her goddess, her idol, was to visit their temple on this day! She was excited, to say the least. It was why she had woken up so ungodly early, and had been scrubbing the tile of the temple, buffing the metal statues, and bleaching the marble ones with a natural chemical that wouldn't erode them. She finished cleaning the entire temple mere moments before the sun rose, causing her to sit up and lean against one of the freshly cleaned statue's pedestals. She hoped that her patron enjoyed what she saw from her. However..she was getting really tired..and she was the only one here...she was just going to take a short nap, an hour or two at the most, to compensate for how much work she had put in! Yeah..that was it..to compensate..not because of how warm this room was starting to feel, or how nice that sunlight felt when it hit her..to compensate for her work...she was dead asleep within minutes. She would likely be this way when Bastet came to the temple as well.

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