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    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!)


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    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!) Empty Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!)

    Post by Asterio on Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:28 pm

    Name: Asterio Minaosus
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Language Common and Animal.
    Race: Skin walker and Half Animal.
    Skin Walker Passive: Ability to Transform into a Minotaur at will - If they have their animal pelt with them. (Abilities include doubled strength and the ability to deal melee damage one rank above them.)
    Half-Animal Passive: Is able to walk places or run places 3 times faster than anyone would normally.

    God passive:Passive: Followers are given one automatic revive, or can recover 90% in a single thread (counts as a revive) (1 throughout the Characters lifetime).
    Soul colour:Death crimson.
    Pet: Nutcase. One HP, one attack and two defense.
    Home World:- Mystic Isle
    Occupation: A blacksmith.


    Unique Features: Her Minotaur form, due to being part cow, lactates, of course that is hardly un-natural, she is female after all.
    human form:
    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!) HigurashiKAIepi17017
    Minotaur form:
    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!) 19-84

    Asterio is an interesting individual, with two vastly different physical appearances. Her mother was a skin changer and her father a beast man, and Asterio is the result of that combination, having a combination of her parents abilities. Normally skin-changers turn into an animal, yet in Asterio's case she goes from a human form to a Minotaur form. These two forms are total opposites of one another physically, with only a few similarities between them.

    Let us start with Asterio's human form. This human form is a blond twenty five year old female, with long blond hair and deep blue eyes. Due to the fact Asterio lives and works on a farm, in a sunny part of the Mystic Isles, she has a lovely golden tan. The first difference between this human form and her Minotaur form is the fact Asterio is only about four feet tall and easily described as flat chested, of course despite that she still has a fairly attractive appearance. Asterio's face is soft and youthful in her human form, as is her entire body, with little in the way of muscle. The reason for Asterio's lack of muscle and smooth skin in her human form is because she does her black smith work in her Minotaur form. Oh, lastly, Asterio's human form is flat as a board.  

    There is little else to talk about in regards to Asterio's human form, so let's move onto her Minotaur form, which is the one she actually prefers to be in most of the time. This Minotaur form is dramatically different, for starters she is a good three feet taller in this form, goes from having breasts so small they barely exist, to an impressive F-cup. There are other different traits regarding this form, Asterio grows horns on her head, gains a cow tail growing from the base of her spine and lastly she becomes physically stronger. Due to this increase in physical strength, Asterio become more muscular around the arms, legs and abdomen. The only final trait to point out is that in this form, Asterio has a pair of cow ears in place of her human ones.

    With physical appearance wrapped up and handled, the next subject is obviously clothing, and of course Asterio has different outfits for her different forms. In her human form Asterio prefers clothing such as dresses and open topped shoes at that. Asterio also tends to wear hats, wide brimmed ones in white most of the time. Asterio dresses in a "the girl next door" style of clothing. Her Minotaur form, ignoring the image, dresses in a more practical way. See, Asterio is a blacksmith in her Minotaur form, employing her larger size and strength for that purpose. Due to the work Asterio performs, her Minotaur form wears mostly denim clothing, with aprons over the top of that, tough hardy clothes that can keep up with her work.
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Tone: Golden tan
    Height: Human form: Four feet. Minotaur form: Seven feet.
    Weight:Human form:100 pounds. Minotaur form: 150 pounds.  
    Tattoo: N/A


    Asterio is not a duel sided person, unlike how her clothing and appearance changes between forms, Asterio's personality does not. The first place to start with is how kind and gentle Asterio is, she's one of the nicest people around and quite sweet in the way she behaves. Asterio is a prime example of a gentle giant, she's very tall and is very strong physically, yet despite that she would never hurt anyone without a very good reason. She's also very motherly, and gives off the air of a big sister character, being very protective and attached to certain people. The people she gets attached to she is very caring towards, willing to do a lot of things other people wouldn't for that person's comfort.

    Asterio is a black smith and spends most of her day creating things in her forge, ranging from what the farm needs, special client requests and whatever she wants to make. As a result of this hobby of hers, Asterio is incredibly creative and very passionate about her work. She pours her whole heart and soul into things, giving everything one hundred and twenty percent! Of course there are also some aspects about her self that are cute, she tends to forget how large her breasts are in her Minotaur form and ends up performing very embarrassing acts, such as standing too close to people and pressing her breasts into them.

    One thing that is genuinely sweet about Asterio is how she wants to help everybody and anybody, even when she doesn't need to or shouldn't. An amusing aspect of Asterio's personality is that she can be kind of a ditz, often being a little silly and immature about things. Asterio's just generally a really average and kind girl, she's open minded and pretty accepting of most things, except eating meat. Due to being a Minotaur, Asterio is a pure vegetarian and does not like it when people kill animals for meat, or eat meat at that. Her biggest dream is to become the world's greatest black smith, and this dream is fueled by her passion, she wants to show the whole world how good she can be! Asterio isn't what you'd call perverted, but for some reason perverted accidents seem to follow her around.

    • Vegetables, any and all, Asterio is a vegetarian.

    • Making stuff, her hobby is just making different weapons, armour and pretty much anything that she can make. Asterio is a creator at heart.

    • Milk...strangely enough, she loves milk.


    • Asterio does NOT like meat, and she hates cows being eaten for food.

    • Animal cruelty.

    • Flies

    Motivations: To become the best blacksmith around! Nothing ever's gonna keep her down.

    • Wolves.

    • Bulls, as in male cows

    • Spiders.

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    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!) Empty Re: Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!)

    Post by Kaseki on Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:24 pm

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    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!) Empty Re: Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!)

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    Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!) Empty Re: Asterio the Minotaur. (finsihed!)

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