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    Saint Acatha Valentine

    St. Valentine
    St. Valentine

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    Post by St. Valentine on Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:27 pm

    Name: Acatha Valentine
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Languages: Common, Elven, Animal
    Race: Elven / Half-Animal
    Race Passives:
    Elven Passive: Gains 1 more Technique for each Rank
    Half-Animal Passive: Has the abilities of a feline.
    - Tail for balance
    - Night Vision (Can see just as much as if it were day)
    - Enhanced Hearing, can hear things up to 20 meters away clearly.
    God/Goddess: Bastet
    Home World:- The Mystic Isles
    Occupation: Priest/Saint


    Unique Features: Cat Ears, Twin Cat Tails, Cat Slitted Eyes, Elven Gold colored Eyes
    Casual Wear:
    Saint Acatha Valentine WmIIw8p
    Priest Uniform:
    Saint Acatha Valentine Z7IAmXI
    Hair Color: Pink
    Eye Color: Amber ("Elven Gold")
    Skin Tone: White
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight:  180 Lbs
    Tattoo:  She has a smaller version of her goddesses symbol tattooed over her heart.


    Personality: Acatha Valentine is a very strange woman, being the hybrid offspring of an Eleven Male and a Half Animal woman, she carries traits of both, such as her mothers Animal ears, claws, and night vision, and her father's proficiency for combat. However, as a rule of thumb, she tries to stay as uncombative as possible. That is when people generally realize, she idolizes her goddess, Bastet. She attempts to be the kind of person she feels the goddess would enjoy allowing to spread the word of her gifts: Someone smart, kind, playful, and cunning. Those are four definite positives for her, as she is one of the most strategic and kind people in the world, going as far as to spend her own paycheck on building and repairing homes for those unable to afford them on their own, rather than just allowing them to live on the streets. She also loves to cook, being able to make most anything with the proper ingredients. However, as every being has two sides, so does Acatha. She is as impatient as she is clever, leading to lots of bad situations for the hybrid girl. She is also as hyper as she is kind, forcing her to always be moving, making her sermons in the temple quite lively and dynamic, in direct opposition to the kind of sermon she believes she should be leading. But..perhaps the greatest flaw in her personality is her unwillingness to accept her sexuality. She has it drilled into her mind that, while women are allowed to experiment, they should, by default, seek out primarily men for sexual and romantic partners, and that pairing with other women is severely frowned upon, to the point of those within the temple shunning anyone caught with someone of the same sex. She, sadly, is no exception. When a moment of weakness occurs, she almost always breaks down in tears afterward, not forgiving herself for falling victim to the charms of other women. All in all..Acatha is very much the kind of woman you would expect a female priest to be, but also her own woman, something that clashes very frequently against her beliefs.

    - Sweets
    - Cats
    - Dogs

    - Fish
    - Balls of String
    - Catnip
    - Pleasing her Goddess
    - Spreading the word of Bastet's gifts

    - Losing all nine of her lives (True Death)
    - Blue Fire (The fire of the devil)
    - Being Punished by her goddess

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    Post by Kaseki on Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:46 pm

    ... I hate grading apps..

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