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    Gods and Goddesses

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    Gods and Goddesses Empty Gods and Goddesses

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    Gods And Goddesses

    Come, young one. Allow me to tell you about the Gods & Goddesses. No matter what realm you are from you can pick from any of them, However choose wisely.. They don't like it when you abandon them for other gods.

    Mystic Isles

    Bastet, Goddess of the Felines:

    Gods and Goddesses 5-58
    Gods and Goddesses 88bd5e5565ce310aef6ad6a49b8c59de
    Name: Bastet, Goddess of Felines
    Type: Queen Goddess
    Alignment: Dark Neutral
    The goddess has two forms; that of a black cat adorned with Egyptian jewlery and that of a human woman with cat ears, a nekomata.

    As a nekomata, her hair is sandy blonde while eyes are a hypnotizing robin's egg blue that shifts to a golden yellow when in her cat form. As a cat, contrary to her sandy blonde, her fur is a midnight black. Bastet takes great pride in herself and as thus, mainly dresses in anything graceful and regal. Her movements are also both graceful and delicate giving the appearance of royalty.

    The goddess is kind and sweet but, when double-crossed and or attacked, she proves to be heartless and deadly. With incredible speed and accuracy, she is able to take down the people that have dared challenge and or defy her.

    True to a cat's nature, she is curious yet cautious and deadly yet innocent. She enjoys playing games and toying with people meaning no offense by it. She maintains herself neutral, but that could change at any moment.

    The Sacred Eye:

    Gods and Goddesses Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSvpvhRH_lCARByY1DgZdk50lbdGtGf0R4q1e-5sLv3EKx9G_Ss

    Passive Bonus:
    Passive: Followers are given one automatic revive, or can recover 90% in a single thread (counts as a revive) (1 throughout the Characters lifetime).

    Followers that are half Feline or are Skin walkers that have chosen a Cat or another Feline relative as their transformation gain 9 lives throughout their character's lifetime, or can recover 90% in a single thread (counts as a revive)


    Gods and Goddesses 8FNfeiS
    Name: Xi, God of Light and Creation.
    Type: God (Disappeared)
    Alignment: Light.
    Description: Xi is seen as an old man with a long white beard and hair. He is often seen holding The Book of Light in one hand and the Staff of Creation in the other. Many people who live in the ways of Light and Demon Slaying follow Xi.
    Symbol: The Mystic White Horse
    Mystic White Horse Flag:

    Gods and Goddesses BTs8tbU

    Passive Bonus: Illuminates any sort of Darkness 5 meters around the follower. This light lasts for 3 posts, and deals half of the user's rank as damage to enemies within range. This ability can only be used once per thread. The user can also create a light illuminating darkness 10 meters around the user.

    Land of Fire


    Gods and Goddesses 3-31
    Name: Goddess of Technology
    Type:  Queen Goddess
    Alignment: Light
    Description: Amaterasu is young goddess who is always seen tinkering with something in order to improve its performance, from weapons to cyborgs. She is worshiped by those who have a passion for technology and its advancement. Amaterasu is usually seen in her cybernetic battle armor with her custom made firearm.
    Symbol: Cybernetic Skull
    Cybernetic Skull Banner:

    Gods and Goddesses Stock-illustration-19659789-syber-piracy-symbol-hacker-cracker

    Passive Bonus: Followers of the Goddess of Technology are able to gain 25% more experience for their actions.


    Gods and Goddesses UudeX7o
    Name: God of the Forge
    Type:  God
    Alignment: Light
    Description: Lock is often seen with a Massive thousand Ton Hammer on his Cybernetic Shoulder. Lock is a Cyborg who earned his God ship by killing a Dark God before Pandora was sealed away. He has a long braided beard and wears a lot of armor.  
    Symbol: Lock's Hammer
    Lock's Hammer:

    Gods and Goddesses Lt0QEAx

    Passive Bonus: Followers of Lock gain the ability to always have at least 2 Strong equipments on them at all times.

    Union of Ice

    Kaseki / Kodai:

    Gods and Goddesses 1-75Gods and Goddesses 2013-110
    Name: Kaseki - God of the Searing Seas and Frozen Flames / Kodai - God of Anger, Anguish and Anarchy
    Type: King God
    Alignment: Dark / Light / Chaotic Neutral
    Description: Kaseki is seen as the Kind God. There is a great myth of his great swordplay of slaying the tyrant of the Union of Ice with his great sword. With a single fall of his blade he smited the gods before him, ascending to King God within his first day of being in the Union of Ice.

    Those that honor the Kind God do no forget his darker side, known as Kodai. Kodai is known as the shadows of the world and the corruption that lies within deep of every living being. No matter how great a master can be, he has a shadow over his soul. People who honor Kodai over Kaseki are seen as the evils of the Union of Ice. Despite the difference in the appearence of the god, both sides come together in arms of peace.
    Symbol: The Tattoo of Team Six
    Seal of Yamigakure:

    Gods and Goddesses Anbu_b10

    Passive Bonus: Heals 5% HP and 5% Energy/MP per post.
    Kaseki's Followers:User also has a 25% Resistance to Fire, Water, Ice, and Heat powers.
    Kodai's Followers: User deals 25% more damage with melee weapons.


    Gods and Goddesses HjN2WVJ
    Name: Ophelia - Goddess of the Moon, Tides and Black Arts.
    Type: Goddess
    Alignment: Dark
    Description: Ophelia hides within the shadows and is worshiped by many beings who use their powers of magic for darker purposes. She is always seen with a wavy Blackwood Staff under her flowing cloak. When she is near a massive fog clouds the area so no one can escape.
    Symbol: The Crescent Moon
    Crescent Moon Crest:

    Gods and Goddesses T1QQOAM

    Passive Bonus: Followers will always be able to have at least 1 weak pet at all times.

    Land Of Stone


    Gods and Goddesses 1WEv8ij
    Name: Granny - Goddess of The Skeletons, Voodoo, Puppets and Mountains.
    Type: Queen Goddess
    Alignment: Dark
    Description: Granny is bald with very little gray hair of the sides of her head. She looks like a Wooden Marionette and can appear to be 3 feet tall or 10 feet tall depending on her mood. She wears a gray cloak that covers her body and is always accompanied by little Voodoo dolls which hop around and play. Granny is worshiped by countless people and when worthy followers die they are brought back from the dead in their rotting corpses as Zombie and eventually they turn into Skeletons who can speak and do things as they normally did through the black arts. Granny loves her Zombie, Skeleton and Voodoo Children very much.
    Symbol: Red Skeleton
    Red Skeleton Tattoo:

    Gods and Goddesses CmPhdXo

    Passive Bonus: Followers who have the Mark of Granny are brought back to life as Zombies when they die. This resurrection is done by the Goddess, Granny herself.  


    Gods and Goddesses TcvgzLG
    Name: God of Chance
    Type:  God
    Alignment: Neutral
    Description: KoVo messes with most people he meets with a game of chance. If they win they usually come out with their lives and if they lose then they usually get very badly injured or simply just die. KoVo is very tricky and appears when people least expect it. He once Gambled with the Goddess of Fate and lost half of his beautiful image which made him bitter.
    Symbol: Chance's Coin
    Chance's Coin:

    Gods and Goddesses WYux5db

    Passive Bonus: Followers of the God of chance gain extra luck when praying to him. This luck can be used once per thread for almost anything.

    Example: Someone shoots at point blank range the gun with either lock up or somehow not hit you.  

    Sky Kingdom


    Gods and Goddesses C5CtcDT
    Name: Noremac - God of of The Storms, Thunder and Lightning.
    Type: King God
    Alignment: Light
    Noremac is not seen too often but when hes seen, Noremac Is armored in gold. He had jet black hair and very strong looking. His Followers mostly are people of the Sky Kingdom or those who use Lightning based magic or wish to defend from it.

    Symbol: Storm's Crest
    Storm's Crest:

    Gods and Goddesses JCEeXwI

    Passive Bonus: Follower's of Noremac take half damage when getting hit with Lightning based magic and Techniques.

    Lord Zye:

    Gods and Goddesses ZEvGYXc
    Name: Lord Zye - God of Dreams & Nightmares
    Type: God
    Alignment: Neutral - Dark
    Lord Zye is the holder of Dreams and Nightmares. He is seen as a white figure with a crystal sphere in both his hands with sand pouring out and flying around him. Lord Zye is Neutral but leans to the Darker side of the Gods. He gives visions of the future and contacts them through the power of dreams.

    Symbol: Nightmare's Heart
    Nightmare's Heart:

    Gods and Goddesses ZFznqYo

    Passive Bonus: Follower's of Lord Zye gain the abilities to see into the future through dreams. They also can contact him at any time through dreams for advice or for help.

    Nation of Wind

    Iron Feather:

    Gods and Goddesses Z7rZV9z
    Name: Iron Feather - God of Magic and The Forest.
    Type: King God
    Alignment: Neutral.
    Description: Iron Feather looks just like an elder of a tribe. He wears animal skins and has feathers in his hair that are from the very rare and magical, Iron Raven. He Holds the Elemental Staff and is looked up to by the tribes of the forest. Iron Feather is always called upon for advice on magic.
    Symbol: The Iron Raven
    Iron Raven Banner:

    Gods and Goddesses OfdYVpj

    Passive Bonus: Able to have 1 more Magic based technique per rank.


    Gods and Goddesses AA6zm6M
    Name: Elkomere - God of Greed
    Type: God
    Alignment: Dark
    Elkomere is seen with a beat up old tall hat and a green outfit. Often you can hear the gold bouncing around in his pockets and Sack he carries around. Elkomere only cares about one thing and that's Gold as well as other riches. The ones who follow him either like his taste in clothing or they do it for the purpose of getting rich. However, be warned, if you double cross him by following him and then stop being a follower, you will get half your gold taken from you in an instant.
    Symbol: Pot of Gold
    Pot of Gold:

    Gods and Goddesses 7Xnawdg

    Passive Bonus: Followers of Elkomere gain 25% more Gold when completing Tasks.

    Valley of Darkness


    Gods and Goddesses HWrqKIg

    Name: Pandora - Goddess of Darkness and Demons
    Type: Queen Goddess
    Alignment: Dark

    Pandora wears a faded crimson Kimono and a Silver Demon Mask which is actually Part of her. She Vanishes and Appears in smoke like darkness and always has Obsidian Dark Butterflies around her. She Always comes to the aide of her Demon sons and daughters to help them spread chaos to the world. Pandora Loves to Tempt others to join her and is followed by mostly all the demon and Dark Races.

    Symbol: Obsidian Butterfly.
    Obsidian Butterfly:

    Gods and Goddesses ARiehcg

    Passive Bonus: Able to Vanish and Appear with a Poof of Smoky Darkness. When Vanishing they are able to go up to 15 meters away(Teleportation).  

    S.K. Hellsing:

    Gods and Goddesses 2a7bvk2
    Name: S.K.Hellsing (Squishy Bear) - God of Sin
    Type: God
    Alignment: Dark

    This god appears as a small Bear. One side of him is light with all white- This is the side that is Calm, Funny, and loves to joke around. The other side is Dark with all Black- This is the side which torments peoples souls and corrupts anyone and everyone with Despair and Sin.


    Gods and Goddesses 11qkark

    Passive Bonus: People who use Dark based magic gain the ability to cause more damage to Light element beings.

    Ex: I have Have D rank Tech- Against Light element foes I would do C rank damage.

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