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    Paint it Black (Closed, Lunar)

    Alexa Snow
    Alexa Snow

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    Paint it Black (Closed, Lunar) Empty Paint it Black (Closed, Lunar)

    Post by Alexa Snow on Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:03 pm

    The Twilight City...the place where Alexa had spent most, if not all of her life. As Alexa walked down the street, one would hear a rather elegant form of speech coming out of her mouth..she was speaking in her native Elven. inyë û vaina manen dû sa melda.. She mumbled as she walked down the street. Her words, loosely translated to the common tongue, were: "I cannot believe how late it is!" She was rather wrapped up in her trip home, so when she crossed paths with quite a few shady characters, she was none the wiser, not caring much, the comforting weight of a sword on her back, and the knowledge that she could more than defend herself if she needed to. She could also run if she so chose..but she didn't mind walking home, even in a city of demons..she was tough, even for an Elf. A dark elf mind you, but still an elf. However, she didn't realize what was about to happen to her soon, and perhaps it was for the better..? I mean, if she knew what was going to happen, then perhaps she would have tried to stop it, or worse, allow it to happen and then kill all of them. She could be truly evil if she had a chance to do so, so one should be glad that she was a kind person most of the time.
    Lunar Cataphract
    Lunar Cataphract

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    Paint it Black (Closed, Lunar) Empty Re: Paint it Black (Closed, Lunar)

    Post by Lunar Cataphract on Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:05 pm

    Alyssia was walking across the roof tops doing it for little more than the point of her own amusement, which was rare for the thief as she usually only used the roof tops to travel undetected. It was surprising how rarely people looked upwards, mostly due to the fact they didn't consider roof tops a viable pathway. For those among you that are curious, it was possible for Alyssia to transport herself via the magical abilities she possessed, but such a thing made getting around too easy, oh and she could only hop between shadows and sometimes that put restraints on which direction Alyssia could travel in. Speaking of traveling, Alyssia was not the only one who traveling across the city on this dark night.

    Hearing foot steps, and rather a lot at that, coming from beneath her Alyssia stopped and looked down over the edge of the building. What she saw was Alexa being surrounded by three rather large demons and this site brought a smirk to Alyssia's face. She recognised these demons, or more accurately she recognised the marks on there face, they where part of a local gang that often assaulted lone people walking the streets. The members of this gang tended to have a lot of money on them, and for that reason Alyssia was going to take advantage of this. As the three demons advanced on Alexa, Alyssia slipped into a nearby shadow and walked out silently behind one of those thugs. Alyssia silently slit the thug's throat throat, preventing them from making noise by clamping her hand over his mouth.

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