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    Bastet Empty Bastet

    Post by Bastet on Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:07 pm

    Name: Bastet
    Age: Ageless, but carries the appearance of an 18 year old.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Language: All languages spoken in the Mystic Isles.
    Race: Nekomata
    Race Passives:
    Passive:  Is able to move 3 times faster than anyone would normally.
    Passive: Detects Danger a few moments before it happens.
    God/Goddess: Although a goddess herself, Bastet favors Lord Zye due to his generous gift given to his followers that allow them to see into the future.
    God/Goddess Passives: Follower's of Lord Zye gain the abilities to see into the future through dreams. They also can contact him at any time through dreams for advice or for help. She also has all of the goddess Bastet's passives.

    Home World: She resides in the Mystic Isles although her place of origin remains a mystery.
    Occupation: Full time goddess

    Unique Features:
    - Cat Ears and Tail
    - Cat Form

    Appearance: The goddess has two forms; that of a black cat adorned with Egyptian jewlery and that of a human woman with cat ears, a nekomata.

    As a nekomata, her hair is sandy blonde while eyes are a hypnotizing robin's egg blue that shifts to a golden yellow when in her cat form. As a cat, contrary to her sandy blonde, her fur is a midnight black. Bastet takes great pride in herself and as thus, mainly dresses in anything graceful and regal. Her movements are also both graceful and delicate giving the appearance of royalty.

    Hair Color: Human form, sandy blonde. Cat form, midnight black fur.
    Eye Color: Human Form, robin's egg blue. Cat form, a golden yellow.
    Skin Tone: Creamy pale
    Height: 5ft 6in
    Weight: 130lbs
    Bastet's "Tattoo": Instead if the tattoo, she wears the symbol as jewelry. One day it could be a charm on an ankle bracelet and the next day, it could be a necklace. Still, she never parts from her symbol. Yet even so, when in her cat form, the tattoo appears on her forehead.
    Lord Zye's tattoo: Located on the small of her back (tramp stamp). When in her cat form, the tattoo does not appear.
    The Loss of 9: A small tattoo of a silver "x" that appears only when she has died been reborn. This tattoo is what gives her a countdown of the lives she has left. So far, she has zero of these tattoos. This tattoo appears on her right wrist and are fairly small. When in her cat form, the tattoo is found underneath her paws.


    - She adores jewelry. Especially those of Egyptian design and or origin.
    - Being a cat goddess herself, she loves felines.
    - Golden Throne adorned with jewels placed in her temple of worships. She doesn't have one yet, but she will soon...
    - Mind games.

    - Incompetence.
    - Challenge to her authority
    - Cheaters. Those who cheat her are dealt with accordingly.

    - Power. Power is everything.
    - Benefits. Everything she does and has done benefits her in some way, shape, or form.
    - Golden throne adorned with jewels in her temple of worship. If given to her, well...
    - Finding someone truly worthy of her gifts

    - Loosing her status as a goddess.
    - Obtaining the 9 x's.
    - Nothing to fight for.[/color]

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